International English Language Testing System


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognized test of English Language for non-native speakers. It is accepted by more than 10,000 educational institutions around the world, including 3,000 colleges and Universities in the Unites States.

IELTS opens doors for higher education, work and migration to developed countries like USAAustraliaUKNew Zealand etc. It is the only English Language Proficiency Test that is accepted for migration purpose by all countries that require English Language certification for migration.

The test is jointly managed by British CouncilIDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. Over three million tests are taken each year at 1,200 locations in more than 140 countries across the globe. The result of IELTS test is published 13 days after the exam.

The test comprises of four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing  and Speaking.

Types of IELTS Test

There are two variations of IELTS test: IELTS Academic Test and IELTS General Training Test. IELTS Academic Test is required for those who wish to study in Universities and institutes of higher education. IELTS General Training Test is required for those who want to go abroad for work, are applying for immigration and are about to study at secondary level or take part in various kinds of training.

The Listening and speaking part is same for both tests but they differ in writing and reading. The writing and reading assignments for those taking Academic Test is complex compared to those who take General Training Test.

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IELTS Score is provided on a band of 0-9. You will receive score for each band and will also receive an overall score.

Here is what each band of your score means.

Score Band   Score Meaning
Band 9     Expert User
Band 8                Very Good User
Band 7     Good User
Band 6     Competent User
Band 5                           Modest User
Band 4       Limited User
Band 3     Extremely Limited User
Band 2     Intermittent User
Band 1     Non-User
Band 0       Did not attend the test
  1. English language learning program admission.
  2. Students planning to study at a higher education institution .
  3. Works or immigration visas.
  4. English language who want to track their progress .
  1. The cost of the test is NPR. 21,500.00 all inclusive. Contact us for more details and free registration service instead of spending long hours at the council.
  1. Listening: 1-9 Band.
  2. Overall Band Score:1-9 Band
  3. Speaking: 1-9 Band
  4. Reading: 1-9 Band
  5. Writing: 1-9 Band

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