KUUMAT(Kathmandu University Management Admission Test)

KUUMAT(Kathmandu University Management Admission Test)

Analytical Writing and Verbal

● KUMAT Analytical Writing at a Glance
● Overview of the Issue Writing Task
● How to Compose a High-Scoring Issue Essay◊ Steps to the Issue Writing Task

    ◊ Developing a Position on the Issue
    ◊ Supporting your Position and Refuting Others
    ◊ Organizing your Ideas (Your Essay’s Structures)

● Do’s and Don’ts for the Issue Essay
● Discussion on Sample Issue Essays
● Style and Mechanics

● Strategies to Use for the Sentence Correction
● Basic Sentence Pattern and Components
● Types of Sentence Structures
● Clauses and their Types
● Run-on Sentences
● Sentence Fragments
● Faulty Coordination/Subordination
● Subject-Verb Agreement
● Verb: Tense, Mood & Voice
● Pronouns
● Modifiers
● Parallelism
● Comparisons
● Diction
● Style
● Idioms

● Understanding Logic
● Primary Logical Stems
● Types of Fallacy
● Identification of fallacies
● Scope shifts
● Identifying the inference
● Identifying the assumption
● Inference vs assumptions
● Strengthening the argument
● Weakening the argument
● Conditional arguments
● Truth vs Validity
● Disconnects
● Wrong answer ploys
● Identifying Induced Theories, Deduced Theories

● Data Sufficiency
● Problem Solving

The test is valid for the current intake only.

The test lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes – shortlisted candidates are then called for an interview.

The classes run for 8 weeks, 2 hours a day, and lectures delivered by veterans well seasoned with the different question patterns. Students are given handouts and Additional ‘Booster’ classes provided on weekends – Saturdays and Sundays. Regular classes are held from Monday through Friday. Tests are taken every Sunday to track individual progress of the students.

Our success rate has been over 70% so far. Meet our instructors to find out more.

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